Loki died with honour. I shall try to live the same. Let that be your legacy.

You can stay in the same place and still find ways to leave people.


*stays alive just in case things get better*

Moon (UK, 2009)

avenging-hobbits asked: Source for the RDJ being written out of Cap 3 post? Always try to have one. It avoids jerks coming along and, well, being jerks.

shit sorry i forgot to put it on. its about 6 paragraphs down from this article 

"Originally, Marvel wanted to hire Downey for a small role, which would have required just three weeks of work. But Downey wanted Stark to have a more substantial role in the film’s plot, which would give him more screen time and naturally a bigger payday. This angered Marvel Entertainment chief Ike Perlmutter, who ordered the screenwriters to write Iron Man out of the script entirely, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.”

literally everyone is getting tired of his shit lmao

Get to know me meme[2/5] favourite films: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they’re from.

Steve vowing to burn the world to the ground for Bucky.

Steve Rogers + modern world

Ignoring what he’s done in the past, blindly, stupidly, disregarding the entire graveyards he’s filled, the thousands who have suffered, the friends he’s crippled… and I thought… I thought I’d be the last person you’d ever let him hurt. If it had been you that he beat to a bloody pulp, if he had taken you away from this world, I would’ve done nothing but search the planet for this pathetic pile of evil death worshiping garbage and send him off to hell!